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The need for Neville

Neville – a name so synonymous with style that it is practically a Belgravian institution for the hair-conscious city-dweller, is on the move – figuratively speaking. While maintaining its Pont Street location (5 Pont Street), a second home for Coco and her inner circle, Neville has made monumental leaps recently on the international stage, with a salon in the Bulgari Hotel and St Barth’s, Mykonos and plans to open further outlets internationally in the near future. With Londoners becoming the hair-icons of the world for the first time in many years, Neville’s telephone number is fast becoming the most dialled in the fashion universe. From a-list celebrity stylings to fashion shows and major magazine covers, you’ll find these now legendary stylists doing what they do best – anything and everything to do with hair couture. Of course, it isn’t uncommon for a particular salon to become the ‘flavour of the month’ but Neville is here to stay thanks to the pioneering techniques that they offer, keeping the industry hanging on their every brush stroke and foil-fold.

The stars of the show, Stephen Low, dubbed ‘king of scissors’, and his protégés Jack Merrick-Thirway and Christian Pignatta, are true artists and professionals. The salon extends its influence all the way down the runways on a regular basis during fashion weeks in London, Paris, New York, Miami and Seoul, making statements not only about hair-styles, but also about hair-health. Neville’s focus is on revitalizing the hair’s natural health rather than presenting an illusion. Notably, these coiffeurs joined forces with the couturiers at the Paris Couture Week and created headlines around the world for the shows of Julien Fournie, Ziad Nakad and Guo Pei, to mention but a few, where they showed their adaptive qualities by producing wet, fresh and modern sophisticated looks at the first; middle partings with big low set buns for the second, and epic and legendary hair crowns, juxtaposing the influences of the ‘Marie Antoinette collection’ for the third. Fournie applauded the Neville style-smiths for achieving his vision for “a strong beauty” after the show and admitted that he couldn’t imagine that any other salon would have been able to achieve this for his show. For Elena Lavagni, director and owner of Neville, these couture shows were not only the perfect execution of true business leadership but also the perfect opportunity to showcase the efforts of the whole team, with their individual and collective achievements and success stories on the world’s stage.

Anyone true to high fashion would find it difficult to imagine a world without Neville, and indeed, while attempting to triangulate the ideal position of Coco’s apartment two years ago, distance from Neville was one of the three points of reference, (along with Harrods and the gym of course). Needless to say that Coco’s inner circle consider themselves to be Neville’s number one fans, and much of the beauty of Coco’s fashion stories is owed to the constant guidance and hair-management of Jack Merrick-Thirlway, one of Neville’s bright, young superstars. It is a fashion movement that Coco & Co are proud to stand alongside and show off in their articles.

This article was written for L’Oréal Professional.

Photography by: Benjamin Nwaneampeh