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Coco in the Middle East

Following our review of the spa at the Four Seasons in London, Coco&Co took a little detour by the Middle East to try out the Four Seasons’ second largest spa in Bahrain. Located in the…

Facial to Runway to Spa. Repeat.

In the winter darkness of London, skin can become, or at least appear, dull and weathered, which is why Coco&Co make a point of visiting the Condé Nast favourite Spa Illuminata on South Audley Street.…

Merry Coco-ristmas from Sloane Street

It’s easy to get distracted at Christmas, whether it’s by the lights of Regent Street and its temples of style, or by the Jule-tide Oxford Street pilgrimage, but distraction is no excuse for poor shopping,…

West-end Westwood: SS15 Red Line

Vivienne Westwood’s Red Line is quintessential for SS15 as a result of her use of shapes, patterns, and colours keeping her line on trend and fashion-forward for the year. Her unfailing flair for providing an…

Coco: Girl of the Month

Coco&Co Ldn are proud to announce that our very own Miss Coco has been named Lara Bohinc’s “Girl of the Month” for the month of September! It’s been wonderful working with Lara and her team…

Mint on the Move

They say that moving home is one of the most stressful and exhausting things that one can do, and, having recently gone through the process and its many trials and tribulations, we wondered what motivates…

Coco's Autumn Blues

For the ladies who love to lunch and for those who also want to do a little shopping, Mayfair is the destination in all the seasons. And if Elton John was to join our Coco…

High Class Comfort with Coco

When you’re mixing textures, fabrics, and colours it is ultimately what gives an ensemble two thumbs up, especially when you’re wanting grade “A” comfort but want to look like you’ve stepped off the runway from…

Warrior Queens of KTZ

As ever, the recent London Fashion Week was a triumph and an opportunity for the team at Coco&Co Ldn to indulge in some glamour and get our creative cogs turning ready for the Spring/Summer Season. One…