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Coco Hamilton

Top 10 Essentials – Summer Edition

L’Institut Facial Sonic Cleansing and Massaging Expert (Darphin) This brush from Darphin is the self-proclaimed “2-minute secret to younger looking skin” and my-oh-my does it provide a good combat to those not-so-wanted impurities. It is…

Orange is The New Black

The sophistication and elegance associated with minimalism is now a mere remnant of the past. Colours may scare off the amateurs de mode, but breaking the classic fashion rules is the only way to truly express one’s personality and creativity through clothing. At Coco&Co, the modi operandi has…

Daughter of Zeus

Coco’s signature look; thigh high boots with an oversize hoodie is taking a summer interpretation replacing hoodies with XL t-shirts like this one by Son of Zeus. To recreate the look, balance out the oversize…

Don’t be static, be you!

Static people are static beauty. So let’s not be a statistic, nor predictable: who knew that sport luxe could look this sleek. Coco takes this otherwise structured biker jacket and bag, and pairs it with…

Duchess of Knightsbridge

Transitioning from the cold wintry months to the long summer days is a sartorial challenge in the making. With a client list that includes the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Coco turned to L.K. Bennett to…

Mint on the Move

They say that moving home is one of the most stressful and exhausting things that one can do, and, having recently gone through the process and its many trials and tribulations, we wondered what motivates…