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Mint on the Move

They say that moving home is one of the most stressful and exhausting things that one can do, and, having recently gone through the process and its many trials and tribulations, we wondered what motivates people to voluntarily put themselves through it. In London, a city made up of hundreds of little villages, it is helpful to know what you might expect to find in your chosen area before you move there, and to that end, we decided to provide our readers with advice on where to live based on what style of living suits you.

Mint Edition Coco&Co Ldn

Whether you are moving to the capital for work, education or fun, each area has its own philosophy on what it means to live in London, and in our regular feature in Mint-Edition, we tackle some of Coco’s favourite areas to break down these philosophies into something helpful for those taking part in the great migration to our vibrant city.

Enjoy the read!

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