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Coco’s Merry Little Christmas Wish-List

Coco and her Co are no strangers to the Sloane scene, and now that the festive season has arrived, Coco is stepping up to the challenge of curating and classifying all that is on offer in this infamous street’s boutiques. When we were approached and asked to compose a piece on the best and brightest collections on Sloane Street over the festive period, we naturally leapt at the chance. As a Knightsbridge resident, many of the boutique’s managers are now long-standing friends of Coco’s and so Coco&Co Ldn are making our way around to each of them bringing as much Christmas cheer and ‘chic’ as possible. Ahead of the Christmas rush and after much shopping, we have condensed the clothing and refined the racks in search of our followers’ newest must-have Christmas staple pieces. We thank the Cadogan Estate for their kind collaboration, and wish our followers ‘Happy Shopping’ over the holiday season.

Sloane Street has long been the optimal destination for the traditional and compulsory Christmas shop, and over the years, Knightsbridge’s most discerning shoppers have identified the Italian brands as their firm preference. Among them, Roberto Cavalli, a longstanding brand whose clothing encapsulated  all the flair and glamour of a Saturday night  in Rome, is certainly on the list of visits over the Christmas period. If the Italian high end brands were a family, then Roberto Cavalli would be the wild-child cousin whose presence at the Christmas get-together was the most hotly anticipated. The colours this season are electrifying and softened with a complimenting texture and fabric. Ever the brave and bold creative director, Peter Dundas (formerly of Pucci), brings with him a bright and consistently enthusiastic palette. Dundas embellishes the garments with elements of fine, feminine detail such as a delicate and fine fringe on the hems on a silk blouson, intricately designed and carefully placed lacework, and multi-tonal dye-work. The effect is a mesmerising vision of nostalgic dreaminess with touches of Hollywood and Rome to enhance the essence of the collection.

For those in search of a gift of opulence, wrapped up in modernity and a slick, elegant package, Fendi is the ultimate in ‘Italian cool’. A fashion house which treads the tightrope between contemporary and classic with the ultimate surety, Fendi is as sumptuous and irrestible at Christmas time as it is throughout the rest of the year. Coco paid this dear faithful friend a visit in search of a fresh, and modern take on glamour for the party-season.  As ever, Fendi is loyal to its commitment to quality, and nothing is more fabulous and fitting for a Sloane Princess such as Coco than one of their beautifully hand-crafted handbags. The ‘Dot Com’ is the ultimate choice for carrying your beauty essentials with you to refresh your look over the party-season, while the ‘Trois Jours’ is a classic alternative that will happily house your Christmas list as well as your St Barths New Years holiday brochures. They are simultaneously elegant and usable, stylish and classic, and would make the ideal gift for any serious Knightsbridge girl, with style on her mind, and appointments in her diary.

It’s no secret that Christmas is one of the most magical and romantic times of the year, so in the spirit of mistletoe and kisses at midnight, Coco&Co paid a visit to La Perla to put together a short list of our recommendations to make any romantic Jule-tide encounters as special and memorable as our readers deserve. La Perla, a brand synonymous with sultry and smouldering style, has long been Coco’s preferred option for lingerie, and the new capsule collection that arrives just in time for Christmas 2015 contains scarlet silk, and endlessly elegant gold embroidery applied by hand in the ‘frastaglio’ technique. The décolleté-enhancing ‘Push-up’ bra with layering of motifs and tulle are the ultimate in feminine luxury and pairing this with the long night dress also included in this exclusive capsule collection and you would most certainly ‘have yourself a merry little Christmas’. There is simply no other lingerie brand that can claim the same level of lavish glamour, and Christmas time is the perfect time to indulge.
ZegnaPhotos: Marta Demartini

As much as our followers, and Coco, undoubtedly end up shopping for themselves when ‘Christmas Shopping’, we and the Cadogan Estate, felt that it was important to remember the husbands, boyfriends, brothers and fathers who deserve a stylish treat after waiting outside of the changing room for countless hours. So, in the spirit of giving, we offer our readers Zegna, a brand so slick, eye-wateringly cool, and polished that a gift from this must-see boutique would compliment any gentleman’s style. The colognes and aftershaves are irresistibly deep and masculine and the ties, hats and scarves absolutely sing quality and comfort. Zegna should be the go-to boutique for a gift for any man whose new year’s resolution is to take over the world.

There will be a fabulous and seasonal shopping weekend in and around the infamous shopping street on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December (click here for more exciting details) with exclusive offers in over thirty local stores in SW1, as well as a complimentary gift wrapping service on Duke of York Square. This year’s shopping weekend is set to be the most lavish one yet, with Grottos, gift markets and carol singing all in the signature ‘haute’ Knightsbridge and Chelsea style. We hope you enjoy shopping your little hearts out, and we will be bringing you a second instalment from Sloane Street in the coming weeks as the festive season nears us, so stay tuned for more on Coco’s Merry Little Christmas Wish-list.

Lots of seasonal love to you from,

Coco&HerElves SW1