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Coco’s Couture Cleanse with VIVAMAYR

Coco and her Co are no strangers to a detox or cleanse, and it takes something rather special to grab our attention, which is exactly what the VIVAMAYR clinic in Altausee, Austria did! In a world of false promises of quick-fix detoxification, VIVAMAYR takes a refreshingly scientific and fascinatingly logical approach to genuine lifestyle change and enhanced well-being. Youthful appearance, boundless energy, and a new outlook on life may seem like lofty new year’s resolutions, but they’re a reality at the VIVAMAYR wellness resort on the shores of Lake Altaussee. After two weeks at this veritable haven of health, you will be lighter on the scale and in your mind, with a fresh perspective on life and how to best live it.

While on a visit to VIVAMAYR, Coco found that this retreat, with its sleek architecture, modern and comfortable design and beautifully appointed furnishings, nestled in the operatic theatre of the Austrian Alps was so removed from the polluted streets and intensity of London, that her mind instantly cleared of any worry whatsoever. The pedigree of this place rivals the Hapsburg dynasty and the staff here are so impeccably knowledgeable that it’s not difficult to understand why ‘A-listers’, public figures and royalty surrender their health concerns to these detoxifying deities. Detoxification, in particular, is the main focus here after all along with the cleansing of the digestive tract, and most importantly, plenty of rest. When you combine these with detox plans and alkalizing diets, you will start to feel and notice weight loss, brighter skin, and more energy, all of which are part of The F.X Mayr cure. This clinic’s belief in the vital “evenness” of body and mind is reflected beautifully in both the reassuringly clinical immediate environment and the heavenly vistas which utterly surround this sanctuary.

VIVAMAYR uses minerals from the local region in their treatments. Salts which were hailed miraculous in the 17th century upon their first discovery for their enormous variety of healing benefits are used for gastrointestinal cleansing as well as naturally healing the liver and other internal organs. This salt is an ingredient that is consistent in many of the treatments on offer, and this consistency means that the effects are amplified to provide the maximum benefit to the guests staying at VIVAMAYR. The Altaussee location offers the traditional knowledge of herbs in conjunction with these pioneering medical and detox treatments inside state-of-the-art labs and combined with a strict meal plan, and Kinesiology, Coco recommends it as the ultimate in immersive health-care as all of the concerns of what to eat, how, when and in what measure are taken care of and the guest is able to reflect and focus the mind while benefitting from the purifying benefits of all of the treatments.

Many detox centres and clinics will provide instant benefits during the stay, but VIVAMAYR takes things further. Part of their focus is to actually train your body to continue its own treatment effectively, by reprogramming it to monitor is own acid-alkaline balance, stress, vitamin uptake and digestive efficiency. This is an industry first – an ethos specifically devoted to of a course of treatment which continues to administer benefits after the guest leaves the clinic! And this is not achieved through the sale and continual use of spa products, but entirely through your body’s new balanced programming. Coco particularly recommends any and all of VIVAMAYR’s massage therapies, which as well as being incredibly relaxing, are tailored to perform specifically scientific functions from lymph-drainage to pain-therapy to overcome problems which ordinarily require synthetic drugs. The effects of this are absolutely visible too, with a corrected posture and complexion, these massage treatments made Coco feel as though she had been carrying a tiring weight around with her right up until the moment she entered the treatment room.

Altogether this experience had the feel of a once in a lifetime opportunity to reboot your whole system, all while being conveniently located in Central Europe, in a deceivingly secluded locale, but accessible from anywhere worldwide. This experience was so intensely beneficial that we can confidently recommend VIVAMAYR Altaussee to anyone who feels that the way back to health is achieved through purification, and who wants to also see and feel the invigorating benefits which come as a result.

Photography by: Patrick Langwallner