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Recommended by Coco

A Magical Malvern Getaway with Miss Coco

Admittedly, it isn’t often that you’ll see Coco&Co leave London. Indeed we can hardly bear to tear ourselves away from Knightsbridge, but out of the few notable exceptions that we offer you, undoubtedly one of the most enchanting getaways would be a weekend visit to the magical Malvern Hills, otherwise…

Coco's Operatic Picnic at Glyndebourne

Most seasons in England forbid Coco from leaving the comfort and convenience of London. However, the British summer is the best time to explore what the rest of the country has to offer. The artistic jewel in the high-end crown of Britain’s summer must be the opera at Glyndebourne. For…

A Spring Fling with Sakura at Sake no Hana

Tolstoy once theorised that “Spring is the time of plans and projects” and while the tube strikers were planning to bring London to a halt, Coco&Co visited a spring-time sanctuary at Sake no Hana (23 St James’s Street). ‘Sakura’, referring to the cherry blossom tree, is a pop-up at the…

Hakkasan – A Culinary Safe-Haven

By some margin, Coco’s favourite Asian fusion restaurant is Hakkasan Mayfair. Under the guidance of Joe Hong, the dining experience at this Bruton Street jewel is executed expertly and discreetly. The waiting staff are present long enough to be helpful and attentive, but are very careful to make sure that…

Find your Chakra in Notting Hill

Cool Notting Hill, the rebellious and adventurous sibling in the Kensington family plays host to the celebrated Chakra restaurant, a place of pure passion for cuisine wrapped in a glossy film of glamour. A favourite for everyone from A-listers and MPs to discerning Indian food enthusiasts and recently, the Coco&Co team,…

The Gracious and Spacious Mandarin Oriental

One of Coco’s favourite hotels in London is the Mandarin Oriental, a place in harmony with the very highest standards and expectations. In November Coco and her Co had lunch at Bar Boulud, a French Bistro-Style restaurant at the hotel. Coco had a beautiful ‘Pâté Grand-Père’ and ‘Chocolate et Bergamote’,…

Show me the EviDenS

Coco, being legally trained, and a discerning skin care enthusiast knows that when brands make claims, their products had better be supported by evidence. So when we were contacted by EviDenS de Beaute and invited to review their range, it was a proposal that spoke directly to the heart of…

An elegant affair with Mari Vanna

A short stroll, or more likely, a swift taxi ride, from the glossy windows of Sloane Street with its modernistic style and boutique bravado, is a restaurant which truly encapsulates all the celebration, colour and candour of pre-revolutionary Russia. Mari Vanna’s exterior has all the charm and enticing qualities of…

Precious passion on Walton Street

“Will the people in the cheaper seats clap your hands? And the rest of you, if you’ll just rattle your jewellery” John Lennon To satisfy the craving that every Knightsbridge girl has for jewellery and other precious adornments, Coco knows where to go. Laurence Coste of Walton Street is one…