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Caramel Cropped for LFW

With the storm of models and designers taking over New York City for fashion week, Coco is starting to gear up for the upcoming events that will be taking place in London. Fashion Week isn’t something to be penciled in; it requires months of planning and organising and has been…

Modern Day Pretty Woman

A woman in a suit might be intimidating to some, having somewhat of a strict Wall Street look about them. But a woman in a white suit is nothing short of a modern day Pretty Woman. White is as unforgiving as it is flattering. Wear it right and you’re guaranteed…

SUQQU's Secrets

Usually seen sporting nude shades or hues of peach on her lips, Coco has decided to break out of the box with a little help from SUQQU. For bold and vibrant looks, one should look no further than the Japanese experts whose brand name embodies the idea of “posture with…

Hair Couture

While fashion week invitations and hair-care philosophies are nothing new to Coco and her Co, an invitation to the Paris Couture Week is certainly something that made us all gasp. Cordially extended by Elena Lavagni, the director and owner of Neville Belgravia, Coco’s favourite salon, we lept at the chance…

Dare to Flare

Summer would not be summer without a white editorial, and what could be better than a pair of flared white denim jeans to convey Coco’s seasonal message? After years of skinny jeans, it’s time for a shift, and one for which Coco has been ready and waiting. This year, we’ve…

Coco's Café au Lait

Reinventing the classic leather jacket and knee-high boots is no small feat; it requires both precision and confidence. By opting for a neutral colour palette, Coco has turned those two quintessential ‘biker chic’ pieces into their ‘London chic’ alter ego. Coco has chosen to pair a simple white blouse with…

Coco en Blanc

According to Coco, you can never go wrong wearing angelic shades of white. The white button details on the sleeves and on the back of this tweed jacket by Chanel truly makes it stand out from all the rest. Coco looks classy yet snug as if she’s a pearly white…

Coco's Vampire Facelift

From Stoker’s Dracula in the 19th century, all the way down to the inexplicable Twilight revolution, vampires and all things vampiric have become a cornerstone of our pop culture references. Despite being entirely fictional and (at first glance) a little grisly, these bloodsuckers have infiltrated every aspect of our society.…

Duchess of Knightsbridge

Transitioning from the cold wintry months to the long summer days is a sartorial challenge in the making. With a client list that includes the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Coco turned to L.K. Bennett to ensure that her wardrobe choices reflect and surmount London’s capricious weather during this transition period.…

Coco’s Evergreen Camel

Over the last few years, the colour ‘camel’ has been making a huge return in the fashion world, although it actually never left us in the first place. Over the years we’ve seen the camel coat trend seamlessly prancing through the decades on leading ladies such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn…