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Merry Coco-ristmas from Sloane Street

It’s easy to get distracted at Christmas, whether it’s by the lights of Regent Street and its temples of style, or by the Jule-tide Oxford Street pilgrimage, but distraction is no excuse for poor shopping, and Coco and her Co are here to tell you which of London’s destinations are…

Coco’s Merry Little Christmas Wish-List

Coco and her Co are no strangers to the Sloane scene, and now that the festive season has arrived, Coco is stepping up to the challenge of curating and classifying all that is on offer in this infamous street’s boutiques. When we were approached and asked to compose a piece…

Mint on the Move

They say that moving home is one of the most stressful and exhausting things that one can do, and, having recently gone through the process and its many trials and tribulations, we wondered what motivates people to voluntarily put themselves through it. In London, a city made up of hundreds…